Boca Chica Key

Monroe County originally acquired property on Boca Chica Key for a muncipal airport, but with the outbreak of war, the ARMY took it over and built three paved runways. However, the Navy wanted Boca Chica to train pilots for carriers, and in April, 1943, the Army was shoved out. Old Highway 4-A is at top of photograph; new highway is at right. (US Navy photo)

After the Navy took over Boca Chica, the expanded facility included 56 barracks, eight bachelor officer quarters, a theater, a recreation area, three hangers, and pilot training facilities. (US Navy photo)

Traffic through Boca Chica was re-routed several times to accomodate the expanding Naval Air station. Ever wonder why Geiger Key Marina was built so far away from the main road? Well the "main road" was not always that far away. Hwy 4A carried people right past the marina.

Hwy 1 went right through the early Naval Air Station. The Navy wouldn't put up with that very long, so a new section of the highway was added to move traffic around the Naval Air Station and the original section of the highway was incorporated into the base.

the old theater on the Naval Air Station. Admission was 25 cents


The above ground pool on Naval Air Station. Used for pilot training then open for recreation.

Chapel on NAS


Inside the EM club on the NAS. Where I watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon in 1969



HQ for 6th Bn 65th Arty (later 1st Bn)


AADCAP area on NAS

Old Boca Chica Road (Hwy 4-A)

Old Boca Chica Road (Hwy 4-A)